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Deborah Abela: Online Session: Sustainability, Climate Change and the Grimsdon Trilogy

Session Info:

Using novels as a literature springboard to talk about sustainability.

Sustainability is a key priority in the curriculum:

‘Across the Australian Curriculum, the Sustainability priority allows young Australians to develop the knowledge, skills, values and worldviews necessary for them to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living.’

Fifteen years ago I was angry that governments around the world weren’t taking climate change seriously. Now we are, and the developments are exciting, but we still need to do more.

Topics covered

My talk will focus on the issues that led to the writing of the novels, the research undertaken, how this led to key characters and events, and finally a few new and innovative ways we are now acting to take care of the planet.

Delivery platform

Zoom is my preferred delivery method, but I can use Skype. I’m also happy to explore Google hangouts or Microsoft Teams if the school prefers.

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