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Luke Atkins: Online Session: Success, failure and the resilience to keep moving forward

Session Info:

Luke Atkins is an Ultra endurance runner representing Australia and competing all over the world from Mongolia to the USA. Luke makes the connection between the mental toughness required to run for more than 24 hours and the daily grind seamlessly. His concept of ‘Life is an Endurance Race’ is especially valuable for VCE and Corporate groups.

Topics covered

* Resilience + Determination= Grit: Through the
hardship of running I have learnt how to build and
teach the art of toughness

* Don’t fear failure, fear regret: The magnitude of
our success is proportional to the magnitude of
possible failure. The consequences of a lifetime
of regret are far greater than the feeling of short-
term failure

*  Motivation is fleeting, discipline is enduring:
Learn the difference and apply it always.

* Goal setting and challenge: Evidence for success
versus the leap of faith. Affect the factors that are
in your control.

* Commitment: Learn to create parameters to
ensure you totally commit and see a task through
to the end.

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Live streaming platforms like Zoom

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