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Melissa Keil: Online Session: The story of a book (author talk)

Session Info:

Writing a first draft of a story can be a long, hard, brain-twisting process – but it’s only the beginning of the journey of a book. Publishing is a collaborative process, requiring the skills and talents of many people – but who are they, and what exactly do they all do? This presentation will offer a brief, entertaining overview of everything that goes into making a book, from initial idea spark, to finished product on the shelf. The aim is to show budding writers that no writer – no matter how skilled or talented – ever writes a perfect first draft. It will offer a brief look at the process of my debut novel, ‘Life in Outer Space’, from the first idea, through writing and editorial, to finished novel.

Topics Covered

  • So you’ve finished your first draft – now what?
  • What do publishers look for in a manuscript? What happens ‘in house’?
  • What is an editor? How much influence do they have on a finished book?
  • What does the editorial process look like? How many drafts do writers go through before they see their work in a bookstore?
  • How is a book cover made, and who decides on the look of a book?

Delivery Platform

Zoom, but may be modified to suit the school’s preferred delivery platform.

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