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Fiona Harris: Online Session: Staying Positive and Creative!

Session Info:

One of Australia’s favourite performers and writers, Fiona Harris (Skithouse, Prank Patrol & Tangle) explores the notion of staying motivated, positive and creative in the face of adversity.

Through storytelling and multimedia this award-winning performer shares her struggles as a teenager, from her disastrous attempts to fit in to ultimately finding herself. Fiona has come a long way from the nerdy kid from a working-class background in the western suburbs of Melbourne. She’s faced a lot of challenges in her journey towards becoming a full-time writer and performer, and this is a heartfelt and motivational talk, which is hugely inspiring for teenagers.

By sharing her own awkward and embarrassing teenage stories, Fiona proves that everyone faces feelings of self-doubt and isolation. Through humour and storytelling, she highlights the importance of setting goals, collaborating with others, friendship and positive thinking.
(See testaments below)

Q & A session follows the talk where the students have the opportunity to share their own passions and/or ask questions.

Topics covered

  • Everyone has insecurities and doubts, and it is important to have some failure in life as stepping- stones towards success
  • Finding your true self and your own passion and positivity
  • Having goals and working hard to make them happen

Delivery platform

Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams

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