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Deborah Abela: Online Session: Spelling Bees, Flooded Cities and Surviving WW2: It’s Fun To Be a Writer

Session Info:

Ever since Deborah was seven, she's been good at making trouble, so it was obvious she would grow up to be a writer. Find out how being a troublemaker led her to write over 26 books and how you can use troublemaking to create your own fantastic stories. And have lots of fun along the way!

She will share what she believes are the fundamentals of writing gleaned from a writing career that has spanned over twenty years. She will talk about where her ideas come from, how she develops her ideas to create characters, plots and finally, the
finished novel.

Topics covered

Through video, story and images Deb will explain how she writes, from the initial idea to finished book.

She will use examples from her books to illustrate:

  • The three main ingredients for writing stories
  • Making trouble for your characters
  • How to develop ideas
  • How to plan exciting plots
  • Creating engaging characters

Delivery platform

Zoom is my preferred delivery method, but I can use Skype. I’m also happy to explore Google hangouts or Microsoft Teams if the school prefers.

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