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Fiona Harris: Online Session: Find Your Creative Self

Session Info:

Having a dream is one thing. Knowing how to chase it down is another. Following your passion is wonderful, but it means finding a work ethic too.

Through storytelling and multimedia, Fiona Harris and Mike McLeish share their stories and experiences of working across multiple disciplines within the Australian arts sector, as well as providing their own tips and advice for anyone wanting to enter the industry, either as a profession or a hobby.

This session is hugely inspiring, as well as providing practical advice for setting goals and achieving them. An engaging and forthright Q & A session follows the talk.

Topics covered

  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Provide opportunities for creative self-expression
  • Oral storytelling
  • What does it mean to follow your passion in life?
  • Everyone has insecurities and doubts, and it is important to have some failure as stepping-stones towards success
  • Finding your true self and your passion
  • Believing in yourself is paramount in life
  • Having goals and working hard to make them happen
  • What Fiona & Mike have learnt from their own failures, successes and experiences

Delivery platform

Skype, Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo

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