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Melissa Keil: Online Session: How to build a story with character (writing workshop)

Session Info:

Creating interesting, three-dimensional characters is essential to writing a story – but when you’re stuck for story ideas, asking questions of your characters, and getting to know them better, can also provide a rich source of plot inspiration. By the end of this session, students should have an understanding of the process writers undertake in order to create their fiction people, and will start to think about the ‘bigger picture’ of plot and story structure via creating a fictional character profile. Using examples from the author’s own work, students will complete several short, fun exercises that will lay the groundwork for a longer piece of creative fiction.

Topics Covered

• What are characters? What are character-driven stories?
• Discovering the inspiration for a new fictional person.
• How to create an initial character profile.
• Fleshing out your characters – different methods for ‘getting inside your character’s head’.
• Creating believable back-story, and the importance of ‘off-page’ knowledge.
• Elements of story plot and structure – what are they, and how can you use what you know about your character to fill in some of these.

Delivery Platform

Zoom, but may be modified to suit the school’s preferred delivery platform.

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