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Way Back When Historians: Online Session: Annie’s War

Session Info:

Annie’s War is a children’s book that explores what life was like for seven-year-old Annie Slade and her family in Kew, Melbourne during World War I.

The book is based on real people and events, and we worked closely with Annie’s daughter, who still lives in Kew, throughout the process of writing her family’s story. Annie’s War includes beautiful illustrations, historic photographs and letters, as well as a detailed timeline and glossary.

This session takes students through the themes explored in the book, relating to wartime, local communities and life for families on the home front. We will also touch on the research process, including interviewing people and finding historical resources.

Topics covered:

* Intro to World War I
* The World War I home front
* The impact of the war: it affected everyone, not just the soldiers on the front lines
* Armistice signaled the end of the fighting, but the impact of the war lasted much longer
* Using historical resources to tell stories

Delivery platform:

Live via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Or we would be happy to discuss creating a pre-recorded version.

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