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Adrian Beck: Online session: Adrian Beck’s Author Hangout!

Session Info:

Everyone is stuck inside but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some bookish fun! Hilarious kids’ author Adrian Beck will take his livestream book-themed TV show straight to your students’ homes!

Bursting with energy, Adrian will have kids laughing along as he explains his unusual journey into writing. Then he’ll spill all his secret tips for being a top author and he’ll finish with an INSTANT RAP that has to be seen to be believed!

Adrian gets the kids busy, with creative challenges along the way. His sessions are jam packed with interactive segments – including the ‘Wheel of Derek!’ and he may even sing an embarrassing song for the students about a moment in his life he’d rather forget. Plus, expect a few surprises here and there as well!

Adrian Beck’s Author Hangout is designed to engage kids at home on the topic of books and creativity. Adrian has been producing television for fifteen years and knows exactly how to host an entertaining yet informative presentation. Using music, challenges, short videos and humour, Adrian has created one of the best virtual author presentations available. It’s must see (bookish) TV!

Topics covered:

* Adrian explains where ideas come from
* We all need to P! (Adrian talks kids through the process of the three P’s: person, place and problem).
* Adrian shows the kids how to draw Derek Dool (based on Scott Edgar’s advice!)
* Adrian and the kids create a new storyline for the next Derek Dool
* The kids write a rap for Adrian to perform and then they vote as to whether he should post it online. This could get embarrassing. For Adrian.

Delivery platform:

Skype, Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Streamyard, Facebook.

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