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Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed): ONLINE PARENTS – Super Focus: How Young People Can Stay Focused When They Are Surrounded By Digital Distraction

Session Info:

Digital distraction is one of the major issues today that affects young people’s ability to learn and finish tasks. On laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches they are bombarded with messages and alerts that break their concentration and take them away from the task at hand. Even when they want to focus, it’s nearly impossible, diversions are only a click away. The issue has intensified for young people since Covid, with more extended technology use and changes to the online environment.

Understanding the distraction type your child demonstrates is the key to supporting them in managing digital distraction. This is what I’ll show you in this talk. I’ll help you to know the signs to look for to know their distraction type, the type of support that will actually help your child to be more in control, to finish schoolwork and tasks, to concentrate for longer. You will feel more in control as a parent because you will be using strategies that genuinely help your child.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • the science behind digital distraction
  • signs to look for to identify the digital distraction type your child experiences: emotional distraction, physical obsession, and distraction by procrastination
  • how digital distraction impacts the brain, learning and wellbeing when it is uncontrolled
  • practical steps that will dramatically impact successful management of digital distraction in learning and home
  • how to provide meaningful parental guidance while at the same time strengthening the lines of communication between child and parent around technology use.

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