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Angela Ireland: Myth-busting Alcohol

Angela Ireland, Booked Out Speakers Agency

Session Info:

The number of hospital admissions and deaths related to OAD amongst young people is rising.

This session deals with the gateway drug ‘alcohol’ and the one that is most condoned in our community.

Drawing on stories of people she has met in treatment centers, Angela aims to raise awareness of the myths around alcohol, dispelling arguments such as “let him sleep it off” and “Girls can drink as much as guys”.  Angela outlines how alcohol impacts the developing brain and gives some useful advice on how to say “No.”

  • What is alcohol and how it affects us
  • Video depending on the audience, one suitable for females, and one on violence and young men
  • Demonstration of the impact on the brain with students participating
  • If time, the “Alcohol quiz”
  • Wrap with questions

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