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Lance Balchin: Mechanica

Session Info:

An imaginative field guide to the fantasy world of Mechanica creatures, with amazing and beautiful steampunk-inspired illustrations.

In this field guide from the future, a dashing explorer-Miss Liberty Crisp-details amazing creatures known as Mechanica: human-created life forms designed to replace extinct species.

Set in the twenty-third century, the book describes how Earth could no longer support wildlife. The warnings had been ignored. Corporations continued to expose the environment to chemical and radioactive waste, and many Earth species began to disappear. By 2200, vast areas of the world had become uninhabitable and wildlife extinct.

In place of the lost wildlife species, the corporations began to create Mechanica. But the Mechanica escaped their confinement, and started to develop in the wild on their own.

     Topics covered

  • How the idea of Mechanica came into being
  • The world of Mechanica, an environmental warning and exploration of the impact that robotics and AI may have on humans
  •  References to Charles Darwin and Phillip K Dick
  • How Mechanica are illustrated using digital photographs that ‘sample’ the real world and Photoshop to construct them layer by layer.
  • Copyright including Public Domain and Creative Commons

    Optional session After Presentation

  • 2 hr Workshop in a computer lab (with Photoshop installed) allowing the audience/class to build their own Mechanica



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