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Open Right

Danielle Binks: #LoveOzYA and the ‘Books of our own Backyard’

Session Info:

This session is linked to the young adult Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology – and the history of how this book came to be.

#LoveOzYA = ‘Love Australian Young Adult Literature’. How did this grassroots movement encouraging Aussie teens to read Australian stories take hold in 2016, and why is it important that we have a National Youth Literature in the first place?

Topics Covered

* What is ‘young adult literature’? Brief history globally

* From Harry Potter to the Hunger Games – how YA took over Hollywood

* History of Australian young adult literature

* History of grassroots movements in an increasingly interconnected YA community – #WeNeedDiverseBooks, #OwnVoices and #LoveOzYA

* Who cares? – delving into why it’s important any country have a national arts culture, and tell their own stories.

* ‘Stories Raise Us’ – the collective upbringing of national story

* ‘Stories Change Us, and We Change Society’ – if you want to see your world change, art is the answer

* Teens to the Front’ – Aussie teens telling their own stories, and seeing themselves on the page



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