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Livin’ the Dream

Session Info:

Two of Melbourne’s favourite comic actresses Fiona Harris (Skithouse, The Librarians & Comedy Inc) and Kate McLennan (The Mansion & Debutante Diaries) take a very funny and inspiring look at their dreams, and explore the notion of what it means to have dreams and aspirations in life.

Through stand-up, story-telling and multimedia this award-winning pair share their struggles as teenagers, from their disastrous attempts to fit in to ultimately find themselves, the girls prove that they’ve come a long way from the nerdy, pimply and awkward adolescents they once were. Livin’ the Dream is an inspiring, heartfelt and very funny show, which is hugely inspiring for teenagers.

By sharing their own awkward and embarrassing teenage stories, Fiona and Kate prove that everyone faces feelings of self-doubt and isolation. Through humour and storytelling they highlight the importance of setting goals, collaborating with others, friendship and positive thinking.


  • What does it mean to have a dream for your life?
  • Everyone has insecurities and doubts, and it is important to have some failure in life as stepping stones towards success
  • Finding your true self and your passion
  • Believing in yourself is paramount in life
  • Having goals and working hard to make them happen
  • What we have learned from our failures, successes and experiences

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