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Tristan Miller: Live Like Crazy – How to make the most of life’s opportunities!

Session Info:

Life has a funny way of getting in the way of our hopes and dreams. I help people understand that the only thing from stopping them from making the most out of life is themselves.

I’m a very regular guy. I have no particular sports ability, but I’m determined and prepared to look failure in the face and decide my own future.

I ran 52 marathons around the world, without knowing what might happen. If a fella like me can do that, imagine what kids and people with talent can achieve if they put their minds to it!


  • Facing off with failure
  • Diet and training
  • Your first marathon – or first big adventure!
  • How to live, when all you want to do is quit
  • Using your marathon plan to conquer all
  • Believing in the impossible

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