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Open Right

David Burton: I live with a 15 year old silent alien.

Session Info:

When I was fifteen, I was a silent, brooding alien. My parents knew I was struggling, but I’d only grunt in their response to their offers to help. At school, I was too focused on my crushes and friends to notice when my grades were slipping or think about my future career.

Luckily, I’m now 28 years old. I speak in full sentences, and am almost certainly human. I’ve worked with young people as a teacher, speaker and writer for many years.

In this time of massive technological change, we’re facing a bigger communication gap between generations than ever before. This talk travels inside the mind of a fifteen year old, and discusses what parents and teachers can do to help connect with teenagers in school and at home. Many of our teenagers are depressed, isolated or confused. With a few key strategies, we can help them lead happier lives.

Topics Covered

  • Teenagers identity in the contemporary world
  • Navigating young people with depression or mental illness
  • Building emotional and social intelligence in young people
  • The role of technology in teenagers understanding of society and sexuality
  • Tools and tips on connecting with young people

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