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Huda Hayek: Huda and Me: An Exploration

Huda Hayek

Session Info:

If you would like your students to delve further into the study of Huda and Me, this workshop will provide further knowledge on the context, background and writing style of the novel.

This workshop will also delve into little known aspects of Huda and Me.

Students will explore the characterisation, editing process, culture, religion, family and major themes in Huda and Me.

As someone who used my own life/childhood and family as inspiration for the novel, students will learn more about the characters and life of being an immigrants to Australia. 

Topics covered:

  • Culture
  • Being Australian
  • Islam
  • Racism and being a bystander
  • Characterisation (voices from the ‘real-life’ siblings)
  • Artefacts from the book
  • Lebanese culture
  • ‘Secrets’ of Huda and Me

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