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Open Right

David Burton: How to Be Happy

Session Info:

My adolescence was a struggle. I was navigating having two brothers with Asperger’s Syndrome, trying to fix my parent’s marriage, summoning up the courage to ask my crush out on a date, wondering if I fancied girls or boys, and needed to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Not surprisingly, my intense desire to prove my independence and manliness landed me a very dark place. I suffered from severe clinical depression and anxiety disorder. At the height of my illness, I considered ending my own life.

This frank and funny talk is me sharing my own experience of growing up. It’s a tale of struggle and survival. Statistically, the most likely way a young person will pass away is by their own hand. This talk is a beacon for the weird kids, the lost ones, or simply those that want to know they’re not alone.

Topics Covered

  • Personal identity
  • Living with disabilities
  • Coping with academic pressures
  • Navigating sexual confusion and romantic relationships
  • Recovering from depression and anxiety
  • Forgiveness and personal development


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