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Dr Jodi Richardson: Happier on Purpose

Session Info:

Redefining happiness, busting the myths and actionable steps to increase happiness.

The almost universal answer to the question of what we want most in life is ‘to be happier’. Of course! It’s an undeniably important pursuit and brings with it countless advantages in life and in work. But what if you were to learn that so much of what we believe about happiness, and how to get more of it in our lives, has not only been undermining quality of life, but potentially contributing to more psychological challenges?

We need only look at rising rates of depression and anxiety alone to gain perspective on the impact that modern life has on our ill-equipped minds. What if, instead of constantly shifting goalposts and a ‘never enough’ attitude, we could think about happiness in a new and different way? In addition to learning how to be happier in the ‘here and now’, not ‘when…’ and ‘if…’ the subsequent extraordinary rewards in terms of energy, joy, meaning, creativity, engagement, success, fun and performance are there for the taking.

Jodi’s natural warmth and honest, relatable insights will leave you looking at happiness, and indeed life and work, with a fresh perspective, renewed optimism and actionable strategies.

Topics Covered:

  • Why happiness feels like it’s always over the horizon
  • Redefining happiness
  • What stands in the way of happiness?
  • Myth busting happiness
  • What do happy people do?
  • Practical and thinking skills for happiness
  • Your move

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