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David Hunt: Girt by History

Session Info:

David Hunt conducts presentations on Australian history for both primary and secondary school students that are aligned with the Australian History Curriculum.

David is an experienced public speaker and comic and his presentations use age-appropriate humour to convey historical truths, consistent with the approach taken in his best-selling book, Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia.  His main aim is to make Australian history fun and interesting for young people.

Learn about the influence of Captain Cook on Star Trek, the role of coconuts and small paper umbrellas in Australia’s only military coup, the race between a cat and a French monkey around Australia, Pemulwuy and his Amazing Technicolour Dreaming Coat, Mary Reiby’s cross-dressing past, Burke and Wills’ underpacking of food and overpacking of everything else, murderous and drunken camels, and Irish rebels and their fascination with pikes.

David looks at Australian history from different perspectives and places our past in the context of broader international events and themes – for example, exploration, colonialism, indigenous people and cultures, the Enlightenment, European and American conflicts, relationships with Asia, crime and punishment, industrial and agricultural reform, civil and economic reforms, the changing relationship between church and state, suffrage and the growth of the free press.

The presentations involve David speaking on a topic or topics of the school’s choosing and then a question and answer session, where students have a chance to ask David questions about our past and David asks questions of students to initiate further discussion about the themes being explored.

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