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Liz Porter: Getting Away With Murder: Secrets of the Real CSI

Session Info:

A general talk on the secrets of the real CSI. I explain that the criminals who feature in my books didn’t get away with their crimes (ranging from robbery to murder), but were all caught because of the expertise of forensic scientists. I run through a selection of cases from my books chosen specifically for each audience. Cases range from rape cases with extraordinary use of DNA sciences (for general public audiences) to the chocolate factory robbery where the burglar robbed the safe but also sampled the wares and was caught by his teethmarks (for secondary students). Depending on the audience, I might include historical mysteries such as the forensic Egyptologist who investigated the cause of death of a child mummy.


  • A selection of real-life cases, chosen specifically for each audience from Liz’s two books.
  • Why CSI and crime fiction often get forensics so wrong – and have to.
  • How true crime writers choose their material and why most real crimes are unsuitable to use in books.

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