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Dr Jodi Richardson: Get Anxiety Out Of The Way And Get On With Life

Session Info:

Insights and innovative skills to turn down the dial on anxiety and transform workplace mental health.

Doing something new is exactly what’s called for when doing more of the same isn’t working. This has never been truer than when it comes to anxiety. The most common mental health challenge prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety is now a much heavier burden.

While natural to want to eliminate the discomfort, distress, emotional pain, future thinking and other challenges that come with anxiety, suppressive and avoidant approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Worse, these strategies typically amplify anxiety. Key workplace requirements including communication, problem solving and even leadership are undermined, affecting productivity and profits. The impacts on happiness, wellbeing and family can also not be overlooked.

In this distinctly human presentation, Jodi not only shares insights and innovative evidence-based strategies, she does so compassionately through the lens of a professional who has learned to move anxiety out of the way and get on with living a rich, fulfilling, happier life

Topics Covered:

  • Anxiety happens, but it doesn’t have to take over
  • What’s going on in an anxious brain?
  • Procrastination, perfectionism and productivity
  • How we got it wrong when it comes to managing anxiety and what to do instead
  • New thinking skills to overcome worry and rumination
  • Your plan for moving forward

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