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Danielle Clode: A future in flames

Session Info:

What is it about Australia that makes it so prone to fires? Have humans made things work, or better? Is it possible to live in the Australian bush but be safe from fire? Fires are a constant and ongoing part of our history, ecology and culture. Yet despite repeated disasters across the last two centuries we seem no better at surviving bushfires today than when fires burnt through the first European settlements. Building on her book, research conducted for the Country Fire Authority of Victoria and the experiences of the Black Saturday, Danielle explores the complexity of the issues around bushfire preparation and what stops us from being ready for the inevitable firestorms.


  • Why don’t we prepare for disasters?
  • What can we do to prepare for bushfires?
  • Bushfire history
  • Fire ecology and evolution
  • Firestick farming
  • Fires in Victoria
  • Black Saturday
  • Climate change

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