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Matt Zurbo: Footy Yarns – A History of AFL/VFL Football

Session Info:

As a bush worker Matt Zurbo has played over 35 seasons and 620 games of senior footy. Fascinated with unvarnished history, he set out over 3 ½ years on the road and several laps of the country, interviewing 171 legends, cult heroes, hard men and club servants of AFL/VFL football, from the 1940s to now, not as a journalist, or writer, but as a fellow player. To hear the history of the game as the players saw it. From Barassi to Skiton, Sheedy, Roos, to modern day players like Ricciuto, Black, and Joe Daniher, the players opened up as they very rarely do.
Matt talks about the reality versus public perception, passion, the small, too often missed stories, the moral ambiguities, the humour and heartache, as well as the personal side of these greats.

  • Reality versus Perception
  • Stories of the driven
  • Each footy story has two sides
  • The unsung heroes
  • The brutal side
  • How players judge players
  • The human element – family, heartache, victory, pride
  • The adventure of making a book like this

He puts a lot of laughs, and personal touch into painting the bigger picture of Aussie Rules footy, and it’s place in our country, by revealing the often hard, sometimes victorious stories of these people we idolize.

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