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Hannie Rayson: VCE TEXT: Extinction

Session Info:

This session is a must for all VCE students studying Hannie Rayson’s play Extinction.

Set on the south-west coast of Victoria, where the rainforest meets the ocean, Extinction is a passionate drama about four people who are brought together, when a man hits an endangered animal on the Great Ocean Road.

In the days that follow, these characters face questions of mortality – their own and other species. They confront the demands of family, their responsibilities to country and what happens when you find yourself sexually attracted to someone whose core values you don’t share.

No one in this play is wicked. No one is entirely virtuous. What unites them all is the one urgent question: In the age of global warming, how are we to live?

Hannie Rayson is an award-winning playwright and newspaper columnist, who is a gifted performer and communicator, much in demand for her talks to schools, libraries and community groups.

Hannie discusses why she wrote the play. How she researched it. And the key ethical issues and emotional drives which underpin the drama.

This is a great opportunity for students to meet one of Australia’s leading writers and to gain insight into how and why she creates her work.


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