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Open Right

Lee Kofman: Developing Writer’s Voice: Writing workshop

Session Info:

What makes a literary work truly original is not the degree of its polishing, but the writer’s voice: his or her particular joy, angst, humor, credo, the word choices and the worldviews expressed. The emotional truth of the voice is everything in writing. Even the best story won’t work if you don’t get the voice right. This workshop gives everyone the opportunity to explore what their voice is like. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their inner world: thoughts, desires and emotions, and to learn make use of them to forge their own voice. The workshop will incorporate theory, discussion, analytical readings of literary texts and practical exercises.

Topics covered:

  • Why do we write?
  • What is writer’s voice?
  • How do I (re-)connect to my natural voice?
  • The role of our personality in honing our voice
  • The role of language in honing voice
  • Practical strategies to hone our unique voices

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