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Open Right

My Dad Stays Home and Colours In

Session Info:

When my son James started school he was overheard describing my job as ‘Oh, my dad just stays home and colours in’. The scary thing is, this was (and is) a pretty accurate description of what I do. Ok, so it’s a little more involved than that (see below) but I still wake up some mornings waiting for someone important to ring and say ‘Hey you, get a proper job’. Until then I’m just going to keep doing what I do – and give the occasional talk about it.


  • A Little Pommy Kid in a Tough Aussie State School.
  • Mr Fisher’s Awful Art Classes.
  • Getting Fired for Incompetence And What Happened Next.
  • 50 States of America And I Ain’t Seen Nunnuvit. (Subtitled The Book Tour Blues).
  • How I met Steven Spielberg (subtitled: As Robert De Niro Always Told Me, Never Drop Names).
  • Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? (seriously! this is the CENTRAL QUESTION of our existence.)

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