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Mark Wilson: Creating Picture Books (Workshop or Presentation)

Session Info:

My primary aim is to stimulate imagination and powers of observation. Students discuss picture books and how stories and illustrations work together. The workshops are structured to stimulate creativity and increase the student’s confidence in their own writing and drawing.

The Picture Book Workshops are tailored for the different age groups.

Prep-Year Three

We look at Journey of the Sea Turtle and discuss how we can help animals in the wild. Reading, acting out and Q&A about wild creatures. Then we start drawing together, starting with simple, single shaped creatures and eventually drawing turtles and whales.

Years 3-8

Similar to above, but we also discuss genre, characters, themes, styles and where ideas come from. Family stories, diaries etc.

Quick Creative Exercises (both presentations and workshops) These are structured to stimulate powers of imagination and recall. They are also a lot of fun.

Extended Creative Exercise (both presentations and workshops)Students work through a creative activity. The student’s also experience how illustrations develop and discuss this during the process.

Years 7 -12 tertiary and adult

Same as 3-8 but including; ‘Picture Books – Less is More’ Writing and illustrating for picture books. Focuses on research techniques, the use of maps, photos, journals, documents, the internet and copyright issues. These sessions also look at inspiration and motivation.


  • How to tap into your powers of creativity
  • How to come up with those fantastic stories
  • Australian History in picture book form
  • Conservation and endangered species
  • Building confidence in your own writing & drawing

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