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Open Right

Nikki Gemmell: Consent, Tenderness and Empowerment

Session Info:

Consent is about allowing someone to do something to you that you really want them to do. It requires an enthusiastic, voiced yes. It should be about pleasure, equal pleasure, for both parties.

This talk is in the vein of Nikki Gemmell’s hugely popular Weekend Australian column, but tailored to an audience of senior school students (she has three teenagers herself.)

The talk aims to empower our young people. It is about respectful relationships. Reciprocal relationships. Porn. Drinking and drugs. Having a voice. Control. Bewilderment. Generosity. Talking with each other, having your mate’s back –  and pleasure.

One year 11 student who heard this talk came up to Nikki Gemmell afterwards and said, “that’s the best Sex Ed talk I’ve ever heard. Why aren’t they all like that?”

Topics covered:

  • What is consent
  • Losing your virginity (good and bad experiences)
  • Bewilderment from boys and girls about what exactly they’re meant to be doing when it comes to sex
  • Porn, and how it’s warping what we think pleasurable sex is
  • Drinking and drugs
  • Tenderness, thoughtfulness and generosity when it comes to sex
  • Looking out for our mates
  • Exit strategies in party situations Pressure and coercion
  • Condoms and macho codes of behaviour
  • Giving consent – and withdrawing it.
  • What I wish I’d known when younger

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