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Bernard Caleo: Comic Book Creation Residency

Session Info:

In preparation for this residency, Bernard will liase with the teacher/s in question to discuss the sort of narrative that they are aiming for the students to undertake: life writing; historical investigation; polemic; adaptation, etcetera.

The week begins with an introduction to comics language, techniques and approaches. We then will use the practice of drawing as a form of writing to discover and form the core of the narrative which they are producing in their comic book. Through the continuing refinement of the thumbnail, pencils and inking stages their narrative will become clearer. On the last day we will produce the booklets on the school’s printer/photocopier.


  • Drawing for comics
  • Writing for comics
  • Telling a story with images/writing with pictures
  • Panel composition, page composition, pacing
  • From notes to thumbnails to pencils to final art
  • Making a booklet

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