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Fiona Harris: Comedy Writing Workshop

Session Info:

Fiona presents a 20-minute talk on the process of writing comedy scripts for television shows, Skithouse, Comedy Inc and Prank Patrol. She covers where ideas come from, how we get them from inside our heads on to the computer and how to develop story, characters and plot.

This interactive discussion is followed by a 40-minute comedy-writing workshop with smaller groups of up to 25. It begins with a simple funny or amusing anecdote from the students’ real life and over the course of the workshop becomes a performance and/or written piece.

The oral storytelling component of the course engages the students in a fun-filled and creative learning experience, and the written component gives students a chance to share their love of language and literature.

*NB: Fiona regularly teaches drama classes and workshops at the Children’s Performing Centre of Australia for teenagers aged 14-18. *


  • Stimulate communication skills
  • Develop a child’s confidence and self esteem
  • Provide opportunities for creative self expression
  • Encourage thinking and cognitive skills
  • Oral storytelling
  • Performance skills

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