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David Nyuol Vincent: The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die

Session Info:

David Nyuol Vincent was only eight years old when he fled southern Sudan with his father, as war raged in their country. He left behind his distraught mother and sisters, his village and his childhood.

For months David and his father walked across southern Sudan, barefoot, desperately searching for safety, food and water. They survived the perilous Sahara Desert crossing into Ethiopia only to be separated. David was taken in and trained as a child soldier, surviving the next 17 years of his life alone in refugee camps. Life was a relentless struggle against starvation, air bombings and people determined to kill him and his people.

In 2004 David was offered a humanitarian visa as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and was resettled to Australia. Traumatised by what he had seen and endured, he went about the slow and painful process of making a new life for himself-a life away from hunger, away from guns, away from death. A life where David is determined to improve the plight of his people both here in Australia and back in South Sudan.

David’s story is the powerful account of a young man’s resilience. The story of a boy who refused to die.


  • Refugees
  • Child soldiers
  • Survival
  • War
  • South Sudan and Africa
  • Resettling in Australia
  • Hope and forgiveness
  • How to make the world a better place
  • Racism

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