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Kim Kane: Behind the Scenes

Session Info:

This session focuses on the behind the scenes work that goes into the writing and publishing process. This session is best conducted with Marion Roberts, co-author of Cry Blue Murder, and involves a discussion of how the idea for that novel came about, how it was executed, and what the difficulties were in a joint project.

The session is rounded off with a collaborative exercise which students can undertake with a partner, demonstrating that ideas can be bigger, bolder and brighter when they are developed by two or more people.

Kim and Marion also discuss how social media time can be constructive when it is channeled into a creative project such as a short film, photography exhibition or even a joint novel.

In the words of Kim’s esteemed co-writer, “Creativity is a precious resource: let’s nurture it”.

  • The different roles one must play in the publishing process – from working as a lawyer on legal documents to focusing on picture books as an author
  • Discussion of Cry Blue Murder
  • The importance teamwork and value of collaboration
  • Making social media time constructive, using it as a tool for creative projects

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