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Meredith Gaston: Your Bed Loves You: Sleep, Rest and Relaxation for Happy, Healthy Living

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Sleeplessness, anxiety, stress and fatigue affect countless people and create some of the largest health concerns facing us today. Young children are presenting more and more with wakeful behaviours, while adults find it increasingly hard to ‘switch off’ at night and find rest.

Being tired affects our mood and energy, our ability to cope with stress and challenge, the quality of of our health, our work, and our relationships. On the contrary, when we are rested we are better able to focus, make positive decisions, and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

The good news is, there are many joyous paths to experiencing better sleep, and many actionable tips and insights we can learn to enhance the healing powers of our sleep. Meredith encourages us to see that our minds and bodies love us, and ask us to love them back with ample down-time, rest and relaxation.

This presentation is based on Meredith’s international release Your Bed Loves You – The Healing Art of Sleep. It is inspired by Meredith’s signature approach to mindful, joyous living, and informed by her expertise as an certified IIN health coach.

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