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Shivaun Plozza: Author Talk – The Path to Publication

Session Info:

While most teens will have read a book or two (hopefully more!) many of them will have very little idea what actually goes into producing a book.

This in-depth talk begins by discussing where the first sparks of a story come from, covers what goes into crafting a manuscript (and the many, many years this process can take), how to approach publishers and finally moves onto the actual production of a book (how much editing takes place? How do they come up with book cover designs? How much money does a writer actually make?).

Along the way I discuss some famous publishing stories (such as the story behind Harry Potter) as well as my own personal experiences.

Topics covered:
  • Where do ideas for books come from?
  • What goes into writing a book?
  • How do you get a book published?
  • How is a book actually made?
  • What happens after you publish a book?

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