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Open Right

Leo Baker: Aim High by Focusing on the Small Projects First

Session Info:

It doesn’t take big budget, large-scale projects to get creative attention or showcase techniques and talent.

Through examining some small projects including short films, music videos, commercials and identity snippets, I will showcase how I’ve played to my creative strengths as an independent filmmaker and have attracted further professional interest.

Examples include animation, live action photography and hybrid media.


  • Playing to your strengths: Moulding ideas to suit you
  • Allocating time, resources and creative energy. How less can be more. How to use techniques selectively for greater impact.
  • Managing ambition (how much must you achieve?) with projects. The pitfalls of being overly unambitious and how it is unsustainable in the long run.
  • Encouraging the doubtful – small projects can be achieved by anyone, and are even easier in teams.

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