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Alice Bishop: A Constant Hum

Session Info:

A Constant Hum tracks the 10-year aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires, with stories focusing on women’s stories, kid’s stories, and the stories of emergency service workers still struggling with PTSD.

With the recent bushfire disaster of Black Summer (2019/2020) bringing back memories of the Black Saturday firestorms (2009), many people across Australia are worried about the current climate emergency—along with the ongoing emotional, environmental and financial costs.

180 lives were lost in the 2009 fires, along with 2,029 homes. In the recent Black Summer Fires 33 people died and, to date, more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed.

Literature and art can help capture the important smaller stories, which often get missed in bigger national retellings.

Topics covered

*My family’s experience of losing our house to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.

*Why is it important to remember that bushfire trauma isn’t neatly resolved once the media turns away?

*Do people recover from bushfire quickly?

* Are different people’s stories given more space in the media? Why?

* How do we write about climate change? Does it matter?

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