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Trent Roberts

Author, Personal Development/Welfare, Storyteller/Performer

Trent is an energetic and passionate speaker who loves to excite, educate and engage kids of all ages.

Where were you born?

Melbourne, Australia

What other jobs have you had?

So many! Here are a few… Ballkid at the Australian Open. English Tutor. Footwear Salesperson at Rebel Sport. Paralegal. Content/Writer for Mindatlas (An Education/Training Website). Researcher for My New Best Friend, a reality TV series. Ive also written for lots of TV series, including kids’ shows like ‘Rock Island Mysteries’ and the multi-award winning Little Lunch’.

What themes are recurring in your work?

Fun and humour mixed with meaning and heart.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Writing three episodes of Little Lunch, including The Relationship, which is based on something that actually happened to me at primary school! Speaking at my kids’ school and them finally thinking I’m cool. For a day anyway.

Where have your works been published?

My TV scripts have been screened on all the major networks. I have had short films screened all over the world, including Tribeca Film festival.

My picture book A Dinosaur Ate Dad’s Hair is published by Scholastic.

My middle grade fiction book Stunt Kids is published by Pan Macmillan.

What are you passionate about?

Fun. Kids mental health. Helping kids that hate reading to start reading.

Haven’t I seen you before?

If you were watching the 1989 tennis match between Mikael Pernfors and Goran Ivanišević, I was the ballboy in the top right corner.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Can’t wait to join forces!


Trent’s author visit was fun and interactive. Our grade 4s, 5s and 6s loved seeing Trent and hearing the stories of his journey as an author as well as how he gathers ideas for his books and TV shows. Despite some technical difficulties (from the school end), Trent was able to keep the students engaged with his funny stories, some wacky movement breaks and even invited students up to show off their own stunts! The pre-visit activities that Trent provided were relevant and certainly piqued the enthusiasm and interest levels of everyone. Our grades and teachers are absolutely LOVING the novel, Stunt Kids.
I highly recommend a visit from him.

—Amanda Morgan, Newport Gardens Primary School - 2022

Trent knows how to connect to students. He tells funny stories that students can relate to and inspires them to overcome their fears with his new novel STUNT KIDS. Our students were completely enthralled during his presentation. They were inspired by his writing ‘tips and tricks’ to brainstorm ideas for stories and loved sharing their own crazy stunt moves! Trent appeals to a range of age groups and I would highly recommend a visit from him.

—Emma Butcher, Newport Gardens Primary School - 2022

Trent’s author visit was engaging, funny and inspiring. Prior to his visit, Trent provided us with creative activities which were a big hit with the students and a useful lesson component for the teachers. Our senior classes absolutely love STUNT kids, and hearing Trent’s journey to becoming a writer encouraged them to never give up on their dreams. The students particularly enjoyed the interactive component of showing off their best stunts and brainstorming ideas for a story with Trent. They left with a menu of ideas on how to start a story. Trent’s timing was impeccable and the preparedness (including fun movement breaks) was spot on. I’m confident both junior and senior students would find Trent’s visit useful, engaging and inspirational.
I highly recommend a visit from him.

—Katarzyna Dunlevy, Newport Gardens Primary School - 2022

For the Year 4 students at Hampton Primary School, a 50 minutes session with Trent Roberts turned into an ideas factory, where characters, settings, problems, solutions and obstacles for stories were bandied around the room. Trent’s jocular and mischievous sense of humour was clearly on display and the kids were completely engaged with the activities. Prior to the session, Trent had challenged the children to write their own narrative, based around the theme “When did you face your fears?” There was also a challenge to draw a character from Trent’s book Stunt Kids. Both these activities got the students’ creative juices flowing and by the time Trent’s session was finished you could see the change in the students’ confidence when writing a narrative. Thanks Trent for a great session!

—Stuart Macdermid – Grade 4 Teacher, Hampton Primary School - 2022

Trent engaged the students for over 50 minutes by facilitating a very interactive session … The tips Trent shared were explicit and easy to understand. This enabled the students to return to their learning spaces and apply the strategies to a narrative of their own. Trent stayed and signed with a personal message in his book, Stunt Kids for those who brought along their copy. Thank you Trent for a captivating session that has inspired our students to be engaging writers, we can’t stop them from writing narratives!

—Madeleine Grace - Year 2 Classroom Teacher & Early Years English Learning Specialist, Hampton Primary School - 2022

The Year 4 students were excited, engaged and entertained by local author Trent Roberts. The lemon juggling and interactive storytelling was well received by students. Students enjoyed learning that Trent was also a screenwriter and involved in popular programs such as Little Lunch. In the lead up to Trent’s visit students were encouraged to complete an art activity relating to his novel Stunt Kids. Students were left wanting to know more about the Stunt Kid characters and were thrilled to hear Trent read snippets from his book during his visit. Here are some highlights from students:
“Trent was super funny and the legit lemon was amazing”. 
“I bought my own copy of Trent’s book and I cannot wait to read it”
“ I liked hearing about Trent’s life and the slides he showed were really good”
 As a teacher librarian it is a delight to see so many of the Year 4’s bring their own signed copy to library eager to read the next chapter. I recommend a visit!

—Kristen Barr – Librarian/Teacher, Newport Lakes Primary School - 2022

Trent’s visit was highly engaging and interactive. He shared a bit about himself and how he became a writer/author and also talked about his book ‘Stunt Kids’.  There was lots of laughter when the joke passes were used, and it was awesome seeing students performing their own ‘stunts’ and participating in role plays. The lemons were also a hit with the children!

—Kylie Missen – Grade 3 Teacher, Williamstown North Primary School - 2022

The day was fantastic and the students most certainly benefited from Trent’s support and efforts. It was an exciting segue into our writing unit, and we have found the students are doing some amazing stories as a result.

—Patrick Kelly – Grade 6 Teacher, Williamstown North Primary School - 2022

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