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Jonny Shannon

Inspirational Speaker, New Speakers, Online - Virtual Visits, Personal Development, Social Issues, Well Within

I found school extremely difficult, having dyslexia and other disabilities which led to failing all my subjects and being bullied a lot. After overreacting too many times, I was finally expelled for fighting too much.

It wasn’t until my last school that a counsellor took me aside to work through some of the key issues I was facing. The difference for me was from “night to-day”. I quickly turned my academic performance around and focused on my emotional well-being & set some big goals. Surprised in the difference seeing a counsellor made, I committed to doing youth work to help other students like myself for the rest of my life.

Where where you born?
South Auckland, New Zealand. If you don’t know where Auckland is, its in New Zealand and South Auckland is South – of – Auckland…

What other jobs have you had?
After school, I joined the NZ Army. Yes. New Zealand has an Army!  After 4 years I moved to Australia to become a qualified youth worker and since I’ve speak over 3,000 times over ten years on mental health, cyber-safety, bullying and resilience. I also started 3 major companies in the last ten years including Pushpay (with four friends, now valued at over $2 Billion), Gamify and Postharvest

My life’s purpose is to help young people and found to do this well having success outside of speaking and story’s help a lot.

What themes are recurring in your work?
Clear Vision. In my experience the majority of financial issues, health issues or social issues come back to people not knowing what they want early on.

What have been the highlights of your career?
Winning Australian Motivational Speaker of the Year twice and speaking to over quarter of a million students.

Haven’t I seen you before?
I was on National Geographic for my work which broadcasted to over 150 million households. I was also on Australia shark-tank with my company Gamify. Many people also say I look like Tom Cruz. Actually.. that’s just my mum and, she needs glass’s.


“Very enthused by Jonny’s presentation. The boys left with a smile on their face, determination and GRIT in there hearts! The message has been personalised in a very humorous way. It had great strategies for our boys to put in place to make sure they become life-long learners. This presentation on GRIT will continue with them during the good times as well as the challenging…”

—Duncan Kendall, Assistant Head, The Scots College, Sydney

“I spent the day with Jonny Shannon doing mental health talks at schools. Fantastic and entertaining – would definitely recommend him.” 

—Stan, Head Space

“Very lucky to have Jonny come in and do 3 student sessions followed by a parent night. The story he told, the interactions, the fun, the kids were in stitches but learning as well which is amazing! We had a great turn out of parents who asked questions and were informed about the risk and issues students were facing and we recommend Jonny anywhere!”

—Andrew Pritchard, Director of Pastoral Care, Dominic College

“The personal element that Jonny brought to the program. Many of our students could connect to his stories. He was professional, personable, and well prepared.”

—Alison Hurley: Director of Pastoral Care, NSW, Mater Maria Catholic College

“Get him along! He will impact your kids and give them insights into how to make good decisions long term.”

—Dale Dearman, Head Counsellor, Grace Lutheran College, Brisbane

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