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Donna Campisi

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Personal Development

Donna Campisi is an adventurer at heart. She’s an inspiring speaker, author, podcaster, adventurer, humanitarian, and marathoner. Donna is also an adventure & performance coach. Inspiring many people with her challenges and ‘go do it’ attitude, that those who work with her are achieving their big goals!

Donna’s message is to inspire and encourage us that ‘there’s no such thing as can’t’. She has proven this to be true! Doctors said Donna is lucky to be alive but would never walk or talk again, after surviving a stroke at 7 years of age. She is very much alive, walking and talking! However later at 14 years of age Donna faced another challenge and was in another critical condition, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Donna then chose her own major challenge, inspiring many people along the way. She was only able to run 30 tentative steps in Nov 2012, and in Oct 2013 she completed a marathon, creating her own campaign called ‘Run Donna Run’ raising over $36,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Donna is a woman who takes a challenge and believes it is achievable when broken into ‘baby steps’ and having the right mindset. She explains with confidence “Don’t just take opportunities when they come along. Create opportunities!”.

Since completing the marathon challenge in 2013, Donna has inspired many people around Australia to join her adventure challenges that encourage people that they can actually do whatever they set their mind on, through her adventure and performance coaching.

Donna is the author of her much-anticipated book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner,’ with pre-sales skyrocketing before printing had begun. Donna reveals her successful steps to get you to your finish line (in ANY goal). Sharing her heart felt story and valuable insights, along with her chosen challenge to learn to run again after 34 years, from 30 steps to a marathon in 11 months, and proving there really is no such thing as can’t.

Donna is also the author of ‘Turn Dreams into Reality,’ and contributing author of ‘Inspiration Bible.’

‘Ready! Set! Goal! with Donna Campisi’ is Donna’s more recent project, her podcast inspires people to reach their goals, sharing her insights, and includes fascinating conversations with the most awe-inspiring guests from around the world, who share their secrets in achieving their goals.

Whether you’re trying to achieve a big goal, a company in search of a keynote speaker, a team who needs to get on track, Donna Campisi is the perfect presenter to inspire people at your next event.

Speaker Topics

Achieving the BIG scary goals – how to get over the finish line

There’s no such thing as can’t…

Finding your WHY

How are you selling yourself?

Resilience – think like a kid!

Steps to reach your full potential

Donna Campisi skilfully draws on these and many other aspects of her own inspiring story and makes it relevant to your audience. 

Donna’s Speaker Show Reel can be found here:

Listen to Donna’s podcast at:

Visit Donna’s website at:


Thank you for coming to our school last Thursday. Your speech meant a lot to all the 130 students. I loved your quote “There’s no such thing as can’t.” That will stick in my head forever. I will not forget your speech as it was very moving, thank you so much Donna! 

—Year 11 Student, Glen Waverley Secondary College, February 2016

Hey Donna, I was one of the 130 students you talked to yesterday and I just wanted to say that you really inspired me. It’s amazing how you accomplished so much despite your unfortunate stroke. We really enjoyed your presentation and your story has definitely touched as all. As I was walking home I thought to myself, “If Donna can do so much, what’s stopping me? There’s no such thing as can’t.” It’s a quote I’ll never forget because it’s so true…Thank you so much for impacting my life in such a positive way.

—Year 11 Student, Glen Waverley Secondary College, February 2016

Donna spoke to our Grade 5/6 students today about her life journey after her stroke when she was 7 years old. She was very engaging and an absolute inspiration. Her motto “The Power is in ME” was very powerful. This certainly sent a strong message with our students.

—K. Stenning, Principal, Echuca South Primary School, February 2016

Donna was a dynamic and well prepared speaker. She interacted with students very well and used every second she had to inspire. We could have listened to Donna’s story for longer than the time we had together and the video helped engage us as an audience. I had to tell everyone about Run Donna Run.

—R. Byrne, Student Coordinator – Mildura Senior College, 2015

Thank you for sharing your life’s challenges and struggles, with our students. They were inspired by your determination to get back on your feet and your commitment to achieve your goal. Your talk also made me
realise that setting goals is one thing, but what’s more important is being able to express valid ‘reasons’ for wanting to achieve our goals. Changing our mindset and suppressing thoughts of doubt would indeed help
us get closer to our goals. Ultimately, ‘The Power is in Me!’ You couldn’t have said it better and it’s the one message that still resonates with our students.

—A. Romios, Teaching and Learning Advisor, Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School, South Melbourne, 2015

Members in attendance felt the Event was well presented with an awesome Guest Speaker! YOU. You spoke with warmth & clarity. The film clip was supported by your ‘story’ and everyone’s attention was captured by it. You were able to convey your story of struggle & achievement and to leave us with a message to ‘never give up’.  You can do it. Once again thank you for your presentation.

— E. Mazza, MAIOP, President, AIOP Mildura Chapter, 2015.

Donna spoke at our corporate breakfast meeting ‘The Power is in Me!’ She speaks from the heart with honesty and humility and engaged everyone with her life story. Donna is truly inspirational and left us all believing that the power to make change and accept challenges really is in us.

Everyone went away with a positive start to the day and I have had the following feedback from some of the participants.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed Donna’s presentation’

‘Donna is an inspiration’

‘Donna showed that there really is no such thing as can’t’

‘Donna was so easy to listen to and her story was amazing’

‘I had a lump in my through and then was laughing’

‘It was interesting to hear how Donna has tackled her challenges’

Thank you again and we wish you all the best for your future RunDonnaRun challenges.

—J. Heaysman, Education Projects Officer - Education Projects, Sunraysia Institute of Technical and Further Education, 2014

Donna is an inspiration. Her experience of overcoming tremendous personal challenges to achieve the impossible, delivers great insight and impact. Her engaging style of presentation combined with frankness and humility has inspired me and most people I know who have had the opportunity to engage with Donna.

—S. Wahid, Director, VFS Global Services, 2012

Donna really taught that if you can believe it, you can achieve it. Whatever you put your mind to. Nothing can be limiting, you know…money, anything, knowledge or even age. I am only 15. It’s really opened my eyes to the world around me and what it has to offer. Thank you very much. I really recommend Donna. She’s fabulous!

—Student of Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar, 2012

Hearing Donna speak tonight it’s so personal that she’s opened up, I just think it’s fantastic and I recommend this to anybody.

—Dr C. Fremder, Podiatrist and Owner of Carnegie Foot and Leg Clinic, 2012.

When Donna presents, it’s with authenticity direct from her heart. You cannot help but to connect with her ‘Hero’s Journey’. She speaks with warmth, compassion and a wisdom that only life experience allows you to share. She is truly inspirational.

—K. Townsend, Founder Bucket List Coaching, 2011.

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