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Dianne Todaro-Wells

Author, Personal Development, Social Commentator

Dianne Todaro-Wells (Diploma of teaching), is an experienced educator and author specialising in relationship and sexual identity education. Dianne has a community radio program called ‘Speak up’ that serves communities to talk about information that inspires us all to have our ‘voice’.


  • our puberty stories
  • tuning into our incredible bodies
  • evolution as a human being
  • a-z of puberty preparatio
  • physical and emotional fitness
  • my well-being index
  • acceptance in the digital platforms
  • what if I can’t ask for help – communication

Where were you born?

Cooma, New South Wales Australia. Country girl at heart.

What themes are recurring in your work?

How do we know children can speak up for themselves when the going gets tough? Helping young people articulate what’s in their heart and gut is an important theme.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Hooking up with my cousin Liz Seymour who has designed all my books. Liz just happens to do all of Andy Griffiths books, so I feel very lucky that her designs and my concepts for print motivate mums and dads to buy my books for their children.

My own daughter was photographed for the cover of Puberty Girl when she was 12 and again on the cover of How girls talk to boys at 19, five years later.

Another highlight was the Puberty Girl release in Brazil. I got to travel to Brazil on a Puberty Girl book tour to 5 incredible cities. Young girls who had no mothers to teach them about puberty came to the talks. It was incredible.

Where have your works been published?

Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Macedonia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, The Netherlands.

Haven’t I seen you before?

“Do I know you?” That line is said to me quite frequently and I’m not sure why because I’m not famous. However, my mum said as soon as I could talk, I would go up to people (anyone) and introduce myself. Apparently, I was naturally networking at 3 years of age. Not much has changed.


Puberty Boy is clear, wise and kind…a major achievement. Treats puberty with a “whole person” viewpoint.

—Steve Biddulph- Raising Boys author

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