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Danny Katz


Danny Katz is a Canadian-born author and newspaper columnist who writes for The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and The West Australian. He is the Modern Guru in Good Weekend Magazine.

Where were you born?

I was born in Canada. I can even speak Canadian which is kind of like English but a little more nasal and annoying.

What other jobs have you had?

Leather belt salesman, car-wash bucket-carrier, writer of stage musicals, stand-up comedian, then finally a writer because there was nothing left to try.

What themes are recurring in your work?

I like to write about misfits, outsiders, weirdos, massive dork-geek-losers – as they say in the business, write about what you know.

What have been the highlights of your career?

Getting my first full-time job writing for The Age in 1996. Getting my second full-time writing job for The Age in 2007 after the editor sacked me then re-hired me two weeks later. Writing Little Lunch series with the beautiful talented illustrator Mitch Vane (who also happens to be my wife, so I can say she’s beautiful without sounding creepy).

Where have your works been published?

Australia, New Zealand, Korea, U.K and the U.S

What are you passionate about?

Getting young people reading and writing for pleasure, it’s my obsession. Also I’m passionate about The Beatles, good comedy, hotel breakfast buffets, any kind of cause that makes people’s lives better, and canned beetroot.

Haven’t I seen you before?

Maybe. Did we go on a date to see Rain Man in 1998? Otherwise you might’ve seen my goofy photo every week in the paper or heard my goofy voice on radio where I co-host regularly on 774ABC.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I have a freckle on the end of my nose that looks exactly like an ant walking up my face. Sometimes people try to slap it.

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