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It’s fair to say that the team at Booked Out are genuine book lovers. You can often spy us wandering down Brunswick st with a book in hand, trying to get as many chapters in as possible on our lunch break, or exchanging book recommendations over our morning coffee.

Our very own Georgia reviews Bri Lee’s memoir, Eggshell Skull – see below!

Bri Lee’s phenomenal new release, Eggshell Skull, is rapidly making its rounds around the Booked Out office. Intensely personal and perfectly timed, this powerful memoir asserts Bri as an important new Australian voice in the global #MeToo movement.

Eggshell Skull is devastatingly critical of the Australian legal system and how it disempowers complainants of sexual assault. The memoir follows Bri’s journey as a judge’s associate in Queensland, and concludes with Bri’s own battle for justice to hold her own assaulter accountable for an incident that occurred when she was a young girl.

Don’t be fooled by the soft-hued cover, Bri’s story is intensely and intimately told – revealing her continuing torment from her abuse, and covering her first-hand frustration with legal cases which consistently conclude with no convictions or minimal sentences for abusers.

Despite this, Eggshell Skull radiates a sense of power – the title referencing an inversion of a legal concept where assaulters are held accountable to the physical injury they cause to their victims, despite the victim’s weaknesses (being, if you punch a victim with an ‘eggshell’ thin skull and they die from their injuries, you cannot claim lesser fault as the victim was physically fragile).

Bri flips this concept on its head – creating the idea that her offender must take her as she is: an intelligent and well-educated legal professional, who has the guts, resources and support behind her to not back down when bringing her abuser to justice.

Already a confident and eloquent speaker, Bri is now available to be booked in the Brisbane region. Suitable for secondary schools and libraries, Bri is perfect for writing workshops, introducing students to feminism, and sharing her story of standing up for yourself in the face of tough adversity.

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