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Open Right

Sean Dooley: “You’ll never be birdwatching comedian”

Session Info:

Session Info:

Motivational talk using humour and a bird called a Bar-tailed Godwit that shows how there is more than one path to reach your goal.

*Not an actual godwit, just an image used


  • Following your passion, being true to your self. It may not lead to fame and fortune but it can lead you to some unexpected places and you will like yourself along the way
  • It’s OK to not know what you want to do in life
  • It’s also OK to know what you do want to do as well, but it is important to realise that life can blow even the best prepared off course
  • Embarrassing stories of being a teenage birdwatcher, tales from the track and how to use Neil Diamond songs to lure locate rare birds

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