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The Drug Education Project: Year 11

Session Info:

Engaging, relevant, informative and empowering session for your year 9, 10 and 11 students

Year 9:

The objective is to teach young people about the harmful effects of alcohol and other drug use, as a key preventative measure in the ongoing effort to address drug related harm.

Program Outline

  • Alcohol: is everybody really doing it?
  • Cannabis & mental health: what are the risks?
  • Other drugs: illicit versus legal drugs, do you really know what you’re getting?
  • Staying safe: strategies to reduce harm and how to get help if things go wrong

Year 10:We further develop the concepts of risk versus gain, discuss and explore myths associated with drug use and reinforce key safety concepts to minimise harm.

Program Outline

  • Alcohol: What is it really doing to your brain?
  • Cannabis: Is it slowing you down?
  • Emerging Psychoactive substances: what are they, what do they do and what can go wrong?
  • Staying safe: choices and consequences, making good decisions under pressure
  • A toolbox of strategies for social situations

Year 11

By reinforcing the earlier concepts of choices and consequences, we build on short and long term harm caused by drug use and explore concepts of life long consequences.

 Program Outline

  • Alcohol: How long til you’re 0.0?
  • Ecstasy, GHB, EPS…what do they do and what can go wrong?
  • ICE, Cocaine, Heroin: is there any such thing as the worst drug?
  • Decisions: how can use affect my future?
  • Social media implications.
  • Staying safe: How to recognise an emergency and how to react

Please go to Drug Ed’s website and Facebook page for Sharon’s regular updates!

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