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Dr Michael Nagel: A User’s Guide to the Brain: Linking Neuroscience to Educational Practice

Session Info:

Working with young people in the 21st century can be both exciting and daunting. In some sense teaching is arguably much like performing neuro-surgery in that any training you received years ago may not only be considered outdated but also a hindrance to performing your duties well. This session looks at recent neurological findings for developing a greater understanding of learning and engaging students. This is then linked to recognising and understanding how emotions impact on learning and the day-to-day lives of both students and teachers. By investigating some of these important ideas this presentation aims to provide a contemporary look at the developing minds of 21st learners with a view to generating educational approaches and environments that build rather than hinder affective and cognitive capacities.

A session for teachers.


Neurological development from early childhood to adolescence Emotional well-being Educating 21st century learners

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