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Open Right

Shane Horsburgh: Total Focus: if your heart’s in it … the sky’s the limit!

Session Info:

Why is it that we sometimes fail at things even though we think we have prepared as much as we think we could have? Why do we procrastinate about those upcoming exams even though we know we have to study? By looking at the reasons why we fail and why we procrastinate we are able to create strategies to overcome them. With many years of corporate training experience under his belt, Shane has developed a motivational/inspirational program which aims to give the students and athletes some easy to follow tools for leading successful lives. Suitable for students, athletes and sports people it is designed to remove the inhibitors to performance so that people can be the best they can be.



Topics covered:

  • The failure cycle – how failing is the key to success
  • Why humans procrastinate and how to overcome it
  • Setting goals
  • Creating pathways of excellence.

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