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Anna Zobel: The Drawing Process

Session Info:

This workshop illuminates illustrator craft, and the process of book illustration. Using iPads, students undertake various activities to ultimately generate their own character inspired by ‘The Most Ungrateful Girl in the World’. This workshop encourages students to understand how book illustrations contribute to our understanding of a text (VCELA215, VCELY233).

A typical workshop would include some of the following activities:
  • Identifying the verbs, adjectives and nouns that form our visualization of a character
  • Collaboratively generating character roughs using the students as pose models
  • Understanding how to use the iPad app ‘Tayasui Sketches’ for drawing, including layers and pens
  • Identifying different drawing styles
    Using the character roughs to design our own ‘Ungrateful’ character – in relation to The Most Ungrateful Girl in the World.
Topics Covered:
  • Purpose of illustrations: the author tells, the illustrator shows
  • Nouns, adjectives and verbs
  • How to effectively use the app ‘Tayasui Sketches’, which uses the same principles as other, more professional illustration applications including Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate
  • How to design an effective character
  • Why there is no such thing as being ‘naturally’ good at drawing
  • Different methods of teaching yourself to draw

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