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Dr Arne Rubinstein: How to Parent Teenagers: The key things all parents really need to know

Dr Arne Rubinstein

Session Info:

How we parent and support our teenagers during the critical transition years from child to young adult will influence the rest of their lives, and yet it is the time that many parents feel most lost. The difference between a teenager who is motivated, happy and communicative compared with one who is angry, shut down, depressed and looking for trouble is enormous. Parents have a huge influence and really need to understand what they can do to support the development of the healthy emotional wellbeing of their children.

Research shows that up until 12 children are generally functioning well. However as teenagers they have more issues than ever including mental health, suicide, violence and risk taking behaviour.

We also have more parents that are frustrated and unable to communicate with their teenagers and feel completely stressed and powerless.

Using latest research, practical advice, storytelling and personal experience from his 30 years as a father, doctor and mentor, Dr Rubinstein ensures all participants leave armed with tools to help them successfully navigate this critical time in their children’s life.

Topics covered

  • How to help teenagers become motivated and inspired about life
  • Latest research around adolescence
  • How to help teenagers avoid going “off the rails”
  • The impact of technology
  • How parents can help their children create a healthy personal identity
  • The need to create appropriate coming of age ceremonies


Dr Arne tailored his presentation to suit the needs of our parents…He was articulate and informative…We will certainly be inviting Dr Arne to speak with our community again in the future.

—Melissa Mackellin, Head of Junior School, Marcellin College

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