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Chrissie Perry: Primary Session

Session Info:

My session starts with demystifying the role of writer. I talk about my journey into writing as a full time career. How I have moved upwards from Go Girl! Into Young Adult fiction pretty much in real time with my daughter’s development. It’s not only her experiences I ‘borrow’ though. I was a teenager once, and am still in contact with that girl.

A reading from Penelope Perfect will be paused several times to encourage the audience to analyse and interact with this complex character and demonstrate their own skills of interpreting behaviours.  After the students have built confidence in their own abilities, we will produce a ‘Story Scaffolding’ together based only on a title. There will be fun involved!

  • What prejudices do we have?
  • How do we alter ourselves so that we blend in?
  • What traits do we admire about others and ourselves?
  • How do we go about building a story from the ground up?

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